Arctic Chill 98 Series Floor Standing Water Cooler

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    Arctic Chill 98 Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler Bottle Filler

    The Arctic Chill 98 Series Floor Standing Water Cooler from Hydrate Direct is a remarkably high capacity Direct Chill mains-fed water cooler which outperforms all conventional water coolers. This bottle filling water dispenser offers instant access to ice cold water on tap, with the ability to produce up to 40 litres of cool drinking water every hour. It is particularly ideal for large sites such as schools, offices, sports and event spaces where a high volume of water is required in a short space of time. What is more, the large water dispensing area allows for the filling of bottles, making it great for people on the go. The body is made of stylish 20 gauge embossed steel with a baked-on acrylic finish, as well as cleverly designed features made from high-impact durable plastic. This compact and robust machine is designed to stand the test of time. Perfectly chilled water every time.

    CHILLED WATER: High capacity Direct Chill water cooler delivers up to 40 litres of chilled water dispensed per hour, giving you ice-cold water on demand.
    FILLS BOTTLES: This water cooler acts as a bottle filling station thanks to its spacious water dispensing height of 23cm, allowing for bottles, carafes and jugs to fit beneath.
    ELEGANT DESIGN: This floor standing water cooler dispenser looks great in any environment. It is the perfect mains fed water cooler for offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, and a stylish home kitchen!
    EASY TO MAINTAIN: The unit is fitted with a FloodGuard flood prevention device which stops any leaks before it becomes a disaster - for your peace of mind!
    VERSATILE: Stable and sturdy, this water cooler is suited to a wide range of environments, including home, office, meeting rooms, board rooms, and reception areas.

    Key Features
    • Instant CHILLED water on tap
    • Our highest capacity water cooler model
    • Large push button for water dispensing
    • Spacious water dispensing area allowing for cups, bottles and jugs to fit beneath and fill with ease
    • 20 gauge embossed steel with a baked-on acrylic finish
    • Direct Chill cooling technology ensures for instantly chilled drinking water
    • Closed direct chill system stops the risk of bacterial contamination of the water from the air
    • Sleek black moulded front panels make it quick and easy to wipe down and keep clean at all times
    • Child proof mechanical safety lock-out taps make it suitable for all ages
    • Quiet, air-cooled static type compressor refrigeration system means for an incredibly quiet but powerful machine
    • Removable drip tray (180ml) with water level control guarantees to prevent those unwanted spillages
    • Stainless steel heating and cooling water tank
    • Removable lower front panel, simply press down the spring-loaded panel and remove it for easy access
    • HygieneGuard tap cover designed to prevent hand to tap bacterial contamination
    • Modern and robust design suitable for any environment, including: office, meeting room, reception area, boardroom, kitchen, home