Backing Our Boys

Posted by on 11/8/2017 to News
Backing Our Boys
The Broad Oak and Horman’s under 11 football team is on a mission with one goal in mind: to be the “Best Under 11 football teams in East Sussex” Hydrate Direct want to push (pun intended) these players to achieve this goal before the year is over and we couldn’t be prouder that they wear our name across their chests.

As a proud sponsor of the Under 11 football team, our mission is in-line with theirs: at Hydrate.Direct we don’t settle for anything but the best. We strive to better ourselves for our customers, which is why we offer next day delivery at the push of a button, because why should you wait for water when you need it?

Family, health and hydration are important to us, and the feeling is mutual at Broad Oak and Horman’s. Coaching a football team isn’t easy but Chris and Al certainly do a great job, teaching not only football skills, but life skills like teamwork, positivity, and passion.

We share these qualities – it’s also what makes Hydrate Direct run smoothly as a family-owned business.

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