Blizzard Drinking Water Fountain

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    Blizzard Drinking Fountain

    A no-nonsense, budget-friendly water fountain that will stand up well to the rigours of daily use. A durable and robust drinking fountain, engineered to the highest level of quality and dependability. Its rust proof cabinet makes it the ideal machine to use in public complexes alongside swimming pools and gyms. This multifunctional unit is supplied with a bubbler valve as well as a bottle filler, suitable for sipping and the filling of glasses and bottles. A very popular drinking fountain.

    DURABLE: This water fountain is a highly reliable unit is vandal and impact resistant
    RUSTPROOF: 100% rust proof, UV stabilised HPDE external cabinet - perfect for instillation alongside swimming pools, saunas and spas
    HIGH CAPACITY: High cooling capacity ideal for demanding environments - supplying perfectly chilled water all day long
    SMOOTH DRINKING EXPERIENCE: Pressure Reducing Valve and Shock Arrestor protect against pressure surges, designed to provide a smooth drinking experience
    MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Bubbler Valve to drink from and Bottle Filler tap to refill glasses and bottles

    Functional yet Attractive Design
    The modern moulded hourglass shaped cabinet consisting of soft curves which narrow in the centre make the Blizzard sleek and attractive addition to your space. The shape is not only attractive, it is safe because it eliminates sharp corners and edges.

    Smooth Drinking Experience
    The Bubbler and Bottle Filler Tap are controlled by a Pressure Reducing Valve and Shock Arrestor. This protects from mains water pressure surges which provides a smooth drinking experience for the user. The Bottle Filler Tap fills glasses and sports bottles with ease.

    100% Rust Proof External Cabinet
    The Blizzard is ideal for instillation alongside swimming pools, saunas, spas and gyms. The cabinet is made from high-quality rust proof UV stabilised HPDE which is designed to endure demanding environments.

    Removable Front Panel for Easy Maintenance
    The Blizzard Drinking Fountain requires little maintenance. When maintenance is needed, it is easy to access the inside via the removable front panel which provides easy access for maintenance. The cabinet is easy to wipe down and keep clean as well.