Classic Floor Standing Drinking Water Fountain

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    Classic Floor Standing Drinking Water Fountain

    A reliable and robust, yet elegant water fountain. This unit provides the essential functionality of a refrigerated water fountain at a competitive price. Complete with a bubbler valve for sipping and a cup filling faucet, this versatile unit caters to your needs and is suitable for a variety of different environments. The understated, square stainless steel cabinet is sure to compliment any space while providing refreshing chilled water. A cost-effective classic.

    WATER FLOW CONTROL: This drinking fountain has an adjustable bubbler and glass filler
    ELEGANT AND DURABLE: This water machine has a polished stainless steel finish
    HYGIENIC: The hygiene guard tap prevents contamination and maintains optimal levels of hygiene
    HIGH CAPACITY: This fountain has an efficient cooling system and cooling capacity, delivering 26 litres of perfectly chilled water every hour
    SOLID: This fountain is elegant yet well built making it sturdy and highly impact resistant

    Key Features
    • Refrigerated
    • Needs to be connected to a waste trap via a flexible waste pipe
    • Easy to use, maintain and keep clean
    • Robust stainless steel finish
    • Solid construction makes it sturdy and impact resistant