Colorado Floor Standing Water Fountain

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    Colorado Floor Standing Water Fountain

    The Colorado water fountain is ideal for environments where space is at a premium. This drinking fountain is small in size and is sure to fit in with any environment as the cabinet occupying only one square foot. The bubbler valve is easy to drink from and is perfect for keeping users hydrated on the go. The base is constructed of heavy-duty galvanised steel making this unit extremely robust and resilient. Small but mighty, this fountain easily produces up to 20 litres of perfectly chilled drinking water every hour.

    Key Features
    • Supplied with a bubbler valve only
    • Removable front for service and maintenance convenience
    • Simple design makes it easy to use and maintain
    • Robust stainless steel finish
    • Pressure Vessel direct chill refrigeration ensures for perfectly chilled water every time
    • Water temperature can be controlled via an adjustable thermostat to suit your preferences