Eco For Life Plant Bottles of Spring Water – 24 Pack

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    Eco For Life 100% Plant Bottles of Spring Water – 24 Pack

    The 100% Plant Bottle is the solution to traditional PET plastic alternatives that we have all been looking for. It can now be produced in high volume and it behaves in many respects the same way as PET, only with significant environmental advantages.

    Spring Water
    The water inside the 100% Plant bottles is high-quality Spring Water, bottled at source in Royal Tunbridge Wells and Hereford.

    Strong and Sturdy
    • You might think that a bottle made from plants will be less robust than a plastic bottle... Wrong!
    • Our PLA bottles are very durable and powerful, built to withstand wear and tear
    • The bottles are great to personally reuse and refill with still liquids. They are robust and are free from artificial chemicals, also great to hold
    • Please do not put them in a dishwasher though, they do not like the intense heat
    Easy Twist Cap
    • Twist cap is easy to untwist and provides an effective seal to eliminate leaks
    • The cap is 100% made from plants - as well as the bottle, label and the ink
    • The bottles are packaged in a cardboard box to avoid use of plastic
    Perfect On-the-Go
    • The light-weight bottle is perfect for carrying whilst you're out and about
    • The bottle can be refilled and used safely
    • It does not contain PET, BPA or phthalates, ensuring no hormone and toxic chemicals in the water
    • The bottles will degrade in a well-managed home compost heap and in industrial composting facilities
    • The bottles can be disposed of straight into your home compost heap, or if facilities exist in your area they can go into food waste or green waste collections where they will get taken to an industrial composting facility
    • In industrial facilities it will take around 6 months to degrade, in a good managed home compost heap around 12 – 24 months.
    • During the manufacturing process of the bottles, 60% less greenhouse gases are produced than the traditional single use PET plastic equivalent
    • What is more, bio-based plastics are produced from plants, which capture atmospheric CO2 as they grow
    • During the manufacturing process of the bottles, 50% less fossil fuels are burnt than in comparison to the traditional single use PET plastic equivalent
    • This reduction in fossil fuels means the bottles have a significantly smaller carbon footprint
    • The amount of crops used to make PLA is 0.04% of the annual global crop so there is no adverse strain on world food pricing
    • Due to the variety of plants that can be used in this process, there will never be any significant impact to one particular crop
    • All crops used to make the bio-based plastic are vegan and certified GM-free
    Packaged in a Cardboard Box
    24 x 500ML Bottles of Spring Water packaged inside a cardboard box. Once you are finished with the box, just add it to your recycling.

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    David Smith
    What a great idea! Best price I found online for these. Used for our local football event. Nice to feel like we're 'doing our bit'
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    Reviewed by:  from London. on 2/12/2020