Oasis 110V Floor Standing Water Cooler

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    Oasis 110V Floor Standing Water Cooler

    The Oasis 110V Water Cooler specifically designed for hydration in the construction industry. It operates at 110 volts making it ideal for use in construction and building sites. This simple and minimalist design will fit nicely into any space, providing plenty of refreshing chilled water for your colleagues. Rest assured it will keep your team hydrated at all times, particularly on those hot summer days on site. Looks great and does the job!

    110 VOLTS: The power requirement is 110V intended for use on building sites
    DURABLE: Stable and secure build, allowing for plenty of usage on your construction site
    EASY TO CLEAN: The body is easy to wipe down and keep clean so you don’t need to worry about it getting dirty

    Key Features

    • Ideal for environments in need of a 110V water cooler
    • Push taps allow for an easy dispense of water 
    • Spacious refilling station enables larger cups to fit beneath, ideal for staying hydrated and saves you multiple refilling trips