Oasis PLF10CPY Floor Standing Water Fountain

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    Oasis PLF10CPY Floor Standing Water Fountain

    Compact, attractive and economical. The Oasis PLF10CPY is ideal for placement in smaller locations looking to save space. This attractive and compact machine takes up only a square foot in floor space while providing a high capacity of chilled drinking water, suited to an environment with frequent usage. The solid steel base ensures its rigidity and stability, while the wrap around style cabinet allows for a removable panel at the front to accommodate any maintenance requirements. The Oasis PLF10CPY is supplied with a bubbler valve only, however, a glass filler can be fitted at an additional cost if required.

    Key Features

    •     Supplied with a Bubbler valve only, with optional glass filler at an extra cost
    •     Removable front panel for easy service and maintenance
    •     All waterways are lead-free
    •     Heavy gauge steel cabinet with separate base
    •     Bubbler valve ensures for easy hydration on the go
    •     High capacity cooling tank