Omnipure Water Filter Q5420 with Carbon Block Technology

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    The Omnipure (Q5420) Water Filter

    The Omnipure Water Filter has been an industry standard for several years and comprises of carbon block technology. The carbon block forms a solid profile with outstanding adsorptive capacity and kinetic efficiency proving to be a reliable and innovative water filter to providing you clean drinking water.

    Key Features
    USAGE: this filter is used in any environment and uses including ice machine, water coolers, drinking fountains, under-sink chillers and reverse osmosis systems
    WATER QUALITY: this water filter ensures taste, odour and chlorine reduction in the water
    EASE OF REPLACEMENT: replacement of spent media bed can be done in seconds, by detaching the filter body from a permanent head with a twist of the wrist
    SERVICE LIFE: this water filter can filter up to 2000 gallons of water
    BODY SIZE: the filter is 2.5inches by 8 inches

    This water filter reduces:
    • Chlorine Taste and Odor
    • Cryptosporidium
    • Cysts and Giardia