U Bottle Storage Rack

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    U Bottle Storage Rack from Hydrate Direct

    An excellent solution to storing large water bottles for your water cooler. This shelving unit allows you to store your water bottles in a neat and tidy way in your home or office. Say goodbye to clumsy, flimsy wire bottle racks. This racking system is unique because it is modular and can be assembled in a variety of configurations. The two opposite ends of each U shaped part simply slot into one another to create a rigid structure to house your water bottles. The U Bottle Storage Rack features an optional top shelf where cups, countertop bottled water cooler dispensers, kettles and other appliances can be stored for a clean and decluttered look. The water bottle rack is easy to assemble and no tools are required to assemble it. The rack is stable and strong, designed to hold great volumes of water. It makes efficient use of floor space and allows for easy transportation. The spacious storage rack can store both 11 litre and 18.9 litre water bottles. Bottle storage made stylish.

    DUAL CAPACITY: Holds both 11 & 18.9 litre standard water bottles for water coolers
    EASY TO ASSEMBLE: No tools are required
    SPACE-SAVING: The bottle rack can be placed alongside your water cooler taking up minimal floor space
    STABILITY AND STRENGTH: Rigid and firm modular design
    VERSATILE: You can choose the configuration of bottle storage that best suits you

    Space-Saving Design
    Optimise your kitchen or office space with our space-saving U Bottle Storage Racks and avoid bulky bottles taking up space. The unique stackable structure allows you to adapt the rack capacity according to the space available and the amount of water you have to store. Finally, a place to store those bulky bottles!

    Easy Assembly
    No tools required! The modular 'U' shaped units are easy to assemble. Simply slot the units together by positioning them in opposite directions. Don't forget the rubber slots which fix to the bottom unit to help keep it in place. Your bottle rack will be up and raring to go in seconds!

    Top Shelf
    The convenient and sturdy top shelf is designed for cups and small appliances, including kettles and table top water cooler dispensers, to be stored on top. Top shelf max load is 20kg. (Shelf only available in specific sizes).

    The units are compact in size when stacked in this fashion. Ideal for transportation or to neatly store away.