About Us


We are Hydrate Direct. Our mission is to provide safe, healthy drinking water for homes and businesses. We launched Hydrate Direct in 2017 and were proud to join the Culligan family of drinking water companies in 2019. We started off simply selling water coolers, and since then we have expanded our range to offer a wide variety of drinking water appliances to suit every need; from bottled and plumbed-in water coolers, to instant boiling water taps, drinking water fountains and much more. To this day, we strive to keep homes and offices across the UK hydrated with an affordable, no-hassle approach.


Hydrate Direct is your one-stop shop for healthy hydration. We sell a wide range of hydration equipment including water coolers, drinking fountains, bottle fillers, premium bottled water, and accessories. All of our products are hand picked by us or made by us; only stocking high quality products from brands that we trust. We provide affordable prices with reliable, fast delivery across mainland UK. As well as selling on this webstore, we also have an Amazon store. We understand that many customers want the convenience of ordering on Amazon. We provide the same reassurances and great customer experience on this webstore, as well as include FREE DELIVERY on all orders.


When it comes to keeping hydrated, we believe in simplicity, quality and convenience. As a proud member of the Culligan Water family, it is our mission to provide our customers with easy, sustainable and great value resources for keeping hydrated. As well as selling only the best, most trusted brand products, we also help provide our water cooler customers with the easiest way to reorder water bottles for their water coolers with our refill service; keep hydrated with no hassle, at a great price. Just speak with one of our team members and your bottled water is on its way – Water Made Simple! Feel free to call us and we will talk you through the experience.


Kingshill Natural Mineral Water is bottled directly from source in the heather and forest clad hills of Central Scotland. Located at the site of an Artesian Well in Lanarkshire. Natural Mineral Water is one of the freshest and purest sources of water due to the natural filtration.





The robust, square bottle keeps its shape as it dispenses water and includes a non-spill system when you're changing your bottle refills.



Our bottles are fully recyclable. They are specially designed to be easy to recycle, just crush with your foot and add to your recycling when the bottle is empty.



Our plastic bottles are 100% BPA-free. BPA is a harmful chemical which can leach from containers into beverages and foods and pose a potential health risk, which is why we do not use it in our products.

Legal Entity – Culligan Water Ltd

Brand Name – Hydrate Direct

Registered in the UK – Reg Number 01327099

Registered office address – Fourth Floor Abbots House, Abbey Street, Reading, Berkshire, England, RG1 3BD

Postal Address – Hydrate Direct, 2 Endeavour Way, Wimbledon, London, SW19 8UH

Email Address[email protected]

Telephone Number0800 731 1491

VAT Number – GB 205 1902 06