Archway Bottled Water Cooler Package

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    Archway Water Cooler Package

    The Archway Water Cooler Package is the perfect way to get started with your new water cooler. Our Archway Water Cooler with 2 bottles of water is your perfect hydration solution - it looks great, fits in any environment and is sturdy and reliable. 

    What you get:
    • Archway Water Cooler - the ideal water cooler dispenser for your home, kitchen, or office. The Archway water cooler is a modern, durable cooler that has a fast dispense rate. A popular water cooler and one of our best sellers due to its robust design and no nonsense, reliable performance.
    • 2 x 15L Bottles of Natural Mineral Water sourced from an artesian well in Scotland. Bottles are BPA free and FULLY recyclable.