Bottle Up – Plastic-Free Bottled Spring Water (Pack of 6)

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    Bottle Up – Plastic-Free Bottled Spring Water (Pack of 6)

    Incorporate a reusable bottle into your routine to save both money and the planet, promoting sustainability while reducing waste and contributing to a healthier environment for all. Introducing BottleUp, now available with Culligan UK. Discover the sustainable hydration solution made from sugar cane. Filled with English Still Spring Water, Bottle Up makes it easy to turn your back on single-use plastic water bottles for good. (Pack of 6 - 500ml each)

    Discover the bottle that’s making a difference. 

    English Spring Water: Pre-filled with pure English spring water to keep you hydrated and fresh with!
    Eco-Friendly Materials: Bottle Up offers products crafted from mostly sugar cane, reducing single-use plastic consumption and supporting environmental conservation efforts.
    Stylish Design: Elevate your hydration experience with BottleUp's sleek and contemporary designs, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal for a sophisticated and eco-conscious lifestyle.
    Durability and Longevity: Built to last, Bottle Up products are designed to withstand everyday use, providing a reliable and sustainable alternative to disposable bottles.
    Convenient: Bottle Up's innovative plastic-free reusable bottles are perfect for sports, schools, and travelling, ensuring convenience wherever you go.
    BPA Free: The sugar cane derived plastic in Bottle Up bottles is BPA free.

    Key Features
    • Filled with delicious spring water. (500ml)
    • Attractive stone blue body.
    • BRC Food Certified.
    • I’m Green Bio-based - Made from sugar cane.
    • These bottles are made from 100% sugar cane. This is because it's a low impact crop, requiring little to no fertiliser or additional irrigation – allowing us to use environmentally friendly materials in our product making process.