"Drink water." You heard Ronaldo!

Posted by Hydrate Direct on 6/21/2021
"Agua!" Ronaldo says, as he quickly hides 2 bottles of the famous sugary, carbonated soft drink and proudly holds up his water bottle to the cameras.

In a new viral clip, health-fanatic and world-famous football star Cristiano Ronaldo made a stand for healthier drinking habits by reminding his fans and viewers at the European Championship press conference to drink water. It makes sense really, we can't imagine being at our best in a football match with fizzy drink; so we are very proud of the Portugal captain's stance for healthy drinking.

Ronaldo's removal of the two fizzy drink bottles during the press conference has caused quite a stir for the famous soft drinks brands, with a market-value loss of $4bn for the brand.

Maybe the next step will be Ronaldo and his team pushing for and using their very own reusable water bottle at conferences.

You can see the circulating clip below: