Culligan Rosemount Square 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap (Polished Chrome)

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    Culligan Rosemount Square 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap (Polished Chrome)

    Introducing the Culligan Rosemount Square Boiling Water Tap

    The Culligan Rosemount Square 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap is an affordable and reliable appliance that delivers filtered boiling hot water on demand, as well as standard hot water and cold water for every day use. As part of the Culligan family, we are proud to supply this stylish, modern instant boiling water tap that's designed to suit any residential space. With a variety of colour finishes to choose from - this tap brings a high-quality, modern filtered water supply for any kitchen.

    Key Features

    • Every day Convenience: Having piping hot, 98.9°C water available on demand is guaranteed to save you time, energy and money each day.
    • Sustainability in mind: An instant boiling water tap is not only a time and money saver, but also the most sustainable option for your kitchen workspace; using less energy than other hydration appliances and electronics on the market.
    • Timeless Design: Designed to sit seamlessly in a variety of spaces ranging from contemporary to traditional.
    • Innovative: Using cutting-edge design, engineering and manufacturing technologies allows Culligan to produce aspirational Instant Boiling Water Taps at affordable prices.
    • Safety Features: Boiling water is delivered smoothly and has a child-safe spring lock for boiling water dispensing. Safety is one of our top priorities and this lock is designed with this in mind.
    • Intuitive, Simple Control Panel: The masked glass touch-screen control is adjustable, so you can provide high temperature water flow at your command. The easy to use UI of the system makes selecting the temperate simple so you can set it to suit your needs.
    • WRAS Approved product.

    Product Details

    The Culligan 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap includes a Carbon Purity Filter, which ensures almost all limescale and chemical impurities found in your mains water supply are removed before it is dispensed into your glass or cup. Our products are built to last, so with this filtering system it enables us to ensure the product lifespan lasts a very long time by keeping the system free of damaging chemicals, and most importantly, provides you with the most refreshing, pure, tasty water with ease. Your Carbon Purity Filter must be replaced every 3-6 months to maintain your systems lifespan and warranty.

    Our unique unvented system stands out from other units on the market because it is so simple and easy to use. You will not need any additional pipework for drainage or an extra separate water supply; it is quick and easy to install with minimum disruption and fuss.

    One of the benefits of introducing an instant water tap into your kitchen is the large amount of space you will be saving on your worktop. Measuring at an impressively compact 315 x 210 x 210mm, the Culligan Instant Boiling Water tank is able to fit seamlessly under almost any kitchen counter, without obstruction. The tap itself is also incredibly conveniently sized, meaning it will fit perfectly within your home.

    The Rosemount Square’s compact, efficient design makes it the perfect water solution for any space. The iconic design of this stylish tap remains a much-loved and popular choice suited to any workplace or home. The Rosemount Square comes in a timeless Polished Chrome finish and has been designed to sit seamlessly in a wide range of kitchen designs, from contemporary to traditional.

    Saving energy and actively being more sustainable is more important than ever. With a Culligan Instant Boiling Water Tap, you ensure you are drinking water that is from an energy-efficient source. The Boiling Water System also ensures you only heat the water you need and that no excess boiling water is discharged, which is better for the environment.