Installation Kit

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    Installation Kit

    This Installation Kit is essential for all new Mains-fed Water Cooler installations.

    • Installation Rail
    • Hydro+ Carbon Block Water Filter
    • Blue flexible tubing

    Installation Rail - 15mm Iso Dbl Ch/Vlv PLV WB & Rst 1/4"
    The installation rail connects your unit to the mains water supply. It is assembled from WRAS approved components and includes a Water Block which reduces the risk of a flood in the event of a leak 'downstream' of the rail. It is our most popular Installation Rail because of its reliability.

    The Install Rail comprises:
    • Honeywell all-in-one valve (isolation valve, check valve, pressure regulation valve)
    • Eltek Water Block Overflow Safety Device
    • Eltek Water Block Reset Device
    • John Guest Tap Adaptor, 1/4"Tube x 3/4"BSP
    • John Guest Shut-Off Valve, 1/4"

    Hydro+ Carbon Block Water Filter - 10" - 1 Micron - 1/4" PF
    This product also includes a high-quality WRAS approved Hydro+ Water Filter which removes impurities in the water ensuring for clean, great-tasting water.

    Blue flexible tubing - LLDPE - 2 metres
    John Guest Tubing, 1/4" wide and 2 metres in length. Flexible, high-quality and WRAS approved.