Kalix Contactless Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler with UV Filtration

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    Kalix Contactless Floor Standing Mains-fed Water Cooler with UV Filtration

    The ultimate 100% hygienic water cooler. This water cooler is equipped with a contactless foot controlled dispense to reduce the spread of germs, providing safe and hygienic drinking water all day long. The water cooler comes with a BLUv water filter, a highly effective ultraviolet water steriliser which destroys viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted micro-organisms within the drinking water. The sealed cooling system also provides a sanitary environment and reduces cleaning frequency. This machine is able to produce up to 240 cups of chilled water per hour thanks to Direct Chill technology, making it an ideal water appliance for high usage environments. The stylish silver and black design looks brilliant in a variety of public environments.

    CONTACTLESS: The touch-free design means that zero hand contact is required to dispense the water, eliminating the risk of cross contamination
    EASY TO USE: The foot pedal is easy to use, just push and hold and watch the water dispense
    UV FILTRATION: Ultraviolet is a highly effective water steriliser and eliminates viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens within drinking water
    POWERFUL: Provides up to 240 cups of chilled water per hour, what more could you want!
    SPACIOUS AREA: Spacious water dispensing area allows for bottles and carafes to sit beneath the dispenser with ease and stability

    Key Features
    • Foot pedal operated water dispense for maximum hygiene
    • Removable self-draining drip tray for your convenience, dishwasher safe
    • Efficient two piece pressure cooling tank ensures for chilled water within seconds
    • Adjustable cold water thermostat
    • Front panel door allows for easy access to filters, designed for effortless servicing and sanitisation
    • BLUv ultraviolet water filter
    • Intuitive LED panel on the BLUv filter makes it easy to monitor the device’s performance
    • Important: The BLUv filter comes as a separate part. You may install it yourself or contact us to arrange for the filter to be fitted by one of our installation engineers