McLaren Has Gone Orange

Posted by Hydrate Direct on 2/26/2018 to News
McLaren Has Gone Orange

Orange is back! Have you had a chance to see the vibrant colour speeding around the Formula One Grand Prix track this season?

McLaren is now boasting the enthusiastic, energetic and warm colour as part of their new team philosophy. They revealed the new brightly coloured challenger they hope will return them to their former glory in the sport.

To up their performance this year, the MCL33 has switched from Honda to a Renault engine and is predominantly orange with hints of blue, echoing McLaren's historic 1960s livery.

The papaya orange F1 vehicle was redesigned to give the team a fresh outlook on the sport and encourage investors to put their trust in the change of team look and feel. McLaren has been motivated by competing with the top names in formula 1 racing such as Ferrari and Mercedes.

The ‘Future Orange’ water cooler from Hydrate Direct symbolises the same thing: we have embarked on a journey to inject a bit of colour and a fresh outlook to the water coolers people have in their homes and offices.

Orange was carefully selected as our primary brand colour as we felt it perfectly reflected our enthusiasm about bring change to the way that people order their water and provide an affordable, and revolutionary way to do so. Enter our water delivery smart button!

You can also find orange on our Future Orange water cooler and 15-litre single-use water bottles.

Our Future Orange water cooler dispenser carries a sleek and slender design with bursts of orange in all the right places. A combination of the best in British manufacturing and Italian style, this bottled water cooler is to keep you in pole position, allowing for up to 12 consecutive cups of cold water.

Even though McLaren searched the past for inspiration, the orange Future water cooler is very much ahead of your everyday bottled water cooler, with an innovative design and its super-efficient water dispensing!

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Featured image sourced from 123rf