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Our Water

Hydrate.Direct Pure Spring Water

We source our Pure Spring Water from a protected historic estate called Fonthill in Wiltshire, England.

Fonthill Pure Spring Water is bottled directly at source from a natural spring, deep in the hills surrounding the 7,000-acre Fonthill Bishop Estate in Wiltshire.

Fonthill have been supplying and distributing high-quality spring water since 2000. The water originates from a natural spring which has been drawing water since it was built. The aquifer has of course been supplying water for hundreds of years before that.

Our Spring Water is bottled daily in a secure and clean environment. The filling plant and the water source at Fonthill are audited and approved every year by the British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) who set the quality standards for water cooler bottling plants in the UK. Staff also undergo BWCA plant operator and hygiene training.

Fonthill water is fully approved by UK and EEC governmental standards and is also approved by the main industry regulatory body. A strict code of practice and daily testing of the water ensures that the high quality of both the water and bottling process are maintained.

Health Benefits of Spring Water

Spring water is considered the best water to drink, providing vital nutrients as it moves through the body. Spring water provides oxygen to the body and the brain, promotes good digestion, and healthy weight maintenance. Our Pure Spring Water tastes fresh and never tastes flat or boiled. It makes for an excellent hydration experience and one that does wonders for the body.

Fonthill Pure Spring Water benefits from high calcium content, as well as a low content of nitrate and sodium. The high calcium content provides strength to teeth and bones, especially beneficial to children and infants. The low sodium content makes it suitable for a low sodium diet which is important for those with high blood pressure or heart problems.

Naturally dissolved Minerals typically present in Hydrate.Direct Pure Spring Water (mg/l) – Calcium 92, Magnesium 1.0, Potassium 0.3, Sodium 7, Nitrates 15, Iron <0.02, Chloride 14

The pH Value of the water is typically 7.5


Our Sustainable Bottle

30% LESS PLASTIC: We are happy to say that our bottles are made of 30% less plastic than our previous bottles. Though it uses less plastic, it is not compromised on quality or durability.

RECYCLABLE: Our bottles are fully recyclable. They are specially designed to be easy to recycle, just crush with your foot and add to your recycling when the bottle is empty

BPA-FREE: Our plastic bottles are 100% BPA-free. BPA is a harmful chemical which can leach from containers into beverages and foods and pose a potential health risk, which is why we do not use it in our products.