Snowstorm Mayhem

Posted by Hydrate Direct on 3/8/2018 to News
Snowstorm Mayhem

Tens of thousands of homes in the UK are still without water following recent freezing temperatures resulted in burst water mains and severely damaged pipes.

London and the South-East of England have been amongst the hardest hit, with about 13,000 homes in Kent and Sussex and 5,000 homes in London without water.

This has resulted in local residence in Balham, South London, to collect bottled water after their mains supply to homes were off. Some homes and properties have been without water for four days resulting in schools being dismissed as they could not guarantee access to water.

The severity of the snowstorm is of such that major British brands Cadbury and Jaguar Land Rover have been forced to shut down their factories after the water supply has been compromised but limited production resumed hours later with some water supply being restored.

A water shortage is hitting the UK because of the large volumes of snow thawed quicker than anticipated which had led to a number of burst pipes around the country.

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