Summer’s Coming at Last! What are you drinking?

Posted by Hydrate Direct on 4/19/2018 to News
Summer’s Coming at Last! What are you drinking?

The sun has come out (finally!), temperatures are on the rise, and across the UK millions of people are looking for hydration to keep cool.

But when you’re faced with a seemingly endless choice of different brands, how do you decide which is the best, and whether it’s easier just to drink tap water.

If water should be the biggest and most important part of our diet, it should contain the right kinds of minerals our body needs.

Our Mineral Water

Our bottled mineral water for water coolers is bottled directly from source in the heather and forest clad hills of Central Scotland, which is located at the site of an Artesian Well in Lanarkshire.

Bottled water from Hydrate Direct benefits from high calcium content, as well as a low content of nitrate and sodium, which makes it suitable for a low sodium diet. The high calcium content provides strength to teeth and bones, especially beneficial to children and infants.

Why Mineral Water?

Natural Mineral Water is one of the freshest and purest sources of water due to the natural filtration which takes place as the water passes through the strata. In the United Kingdom, Mineral Water is highly regulated through legislation (Natural Mineral Water, Spring Water and Bottle Drinking Water (Scotland) Regulations 2007) which defines minimum mineral and dissolved solids content and ensures that it originates from a geologically and physically protected water source.

Mineral Water is characterized by constant levels and relative proportions of minerals and trace elements at the source.

No minerals may be added to mineral water, which is the main difference between mineral and spring water.

Hydrate Direct 15L Bottle Natural Mineral Water for Water Coolers

£11 (£9.17 ex VAT)


We love our mineral water and think you will too. We deliver bottles to you next working day for FREE. If you are looking for the best quality mineral water, look no further than Hydrate Direct. For all your hydration needs do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8068 7634 or email us at [email protected]

Stay hydrated this summertime!