Top Tips On How To Recycle Water

Posted by Hydrate Direct on 2/6/2018
Top Tips On How To Recycle Water

Water is one of the most important resources around the world, whether you’re rich or poor you still require water to survive. Many countries have or are now falling into drought situations and are having to find new ways to source water for drinking and everyday use.

Tips for Saving Water

It isn’t difficult to save water here and there, by saving just a little bit of water you can even lower your water bill at the end of the month.

Tip 1

Shower with a bucket on the ground. As you let the shower run to get the perfect temperature for you, the bucket will collect water as it runs out the shower head and you can use that water for plants or to flush the toilet with.

Tip 2

Install a gray water system. Gray water is water that does not contain sewage. The water that goes down the drain when washing your hands or vegetables in the sink, the water that you use to do the laundry and also shower water are examples of gray water. A gray water system diverts this water, for example you may divert shower water for flushing the toilet.

Tip 3

Make sure all leaking taps and shower heads are fixed. One of the biggest causes of water loss is due to leaking taps around the house, these can also cause your water bill to increase. It is therefore highly important to put a stop to all leaking taps and shower heads around the house.

Water is a very precious resource and we should all be doing our part in saving it. Every action each of us takes to save water makes a difference. At Hydrate Direct we understand the importance of water conservation and have therefore implemented our Hydrate Direct Button. This allows you to call for water when it is needed, instead of storing water unnecessarily.

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