Understanding the UK Heatwave in 2018

Posted by Hydrate-Direct on 6/15/2018 to News
Understanding the UK Heatwave in 2018

According to the UK Met Office, there are predictions of an extended heatwave making its way to the UK region.

These predictions come following an unusually rainless winter. The rainless winter is being investigated and preliminary results seem to point to both the concept of climate change as well as the water wastage problem in the UK. According to UK’s Environmental Agency, Britain’s water infrastructure leaks about 3 billion litres of water per day – equating to high usage of around 20 million people.

This influences the climate as water is usually lost to poorly maintained underground pipes. While the water may filter down to the water table, the leaks are usually underground and as such, have either building or road foundation above them. This means that water has a more challenging time evaporating or re-entering the natural water cycle.

Officials have estimated that this heatwave will last approximately 3 months into the late weeks of August.

This heatwave could prompt more discussion by government officials to establish mechanisms to combat this climate (and water shortage) problem that the UK faces.


Thinking to the future, whilst looking at recent public social responsibility, the UK’s government and public have had recent problems with plastic wastage too and have been quick to jump to the forefront of remedying the problem.

With water being an essential to most aspects of life, we are sure to see some government intervention to save water while stabilising the local climate.

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