What is an Artesian well and what makes it unique?

Posted by Hydrate-Direct on 5/8/2018 to News
What is an Artesian well and what makes it unique?

Where Does Our Water Come From?

Our Kingshill Natural Mineral Water is bottled at the source in the heather and clad hills of Scotland. Our water is brought to the surface using an Artesian well in Lanarkshire.

What Is An Artesian Well?

An artesian well is a way of bringing groundwater to the surface. It does not require a pump to bring the water to the surface, but rather relies on the pressure in the aquifer to force water to the surface. The aquifer is a geologic layer of porous rock such as sandstone. Water builds up in this area between impermeable rocks, like clay which causes pressure to build. When an artesian well is drilled, water will force its way through to the surface once the aquifer is punctured resulting in an upward flow of water.

Are They The Same As Natural Springs?

Natural springs are similar to Artesian wells. Springs occur when a gap is formed in the impermeable rock, usually caused by earthquakes. The pressure in some springs may be high enough to push water to the surface as a fountain which is called a geyser.

Where Did Artesian Wells Originate

Monks from the French province of Artois were the first to drill what we now know as artesian wells. In 1126, there was no fancy equipment to dig wells, so the monks used the percussive bore technique. The rock membrane of the aquifer filtered out the contaminants, making it safer to drink than some surface water from rivers and lakes.

Natural Mineral Water

Today, natural mineral water is still one of the cleanest options when it comes to drinking water. Kingshill Natural Mineral Water extracted from an artesian well benefits from high calcium content, as well as a low content of nitrate and sodium. The high calcium content provides strength to teeth and bones, especially beneficial to children and infants. 

The bottling of artesian well water is more difficult than water from other sources. At Hydrate Direct, we strive to bottle the best quality water, just for you! For further information about our water, feel free to contact us on 020 8068 7634 or chat with our friendly staff through live chat.