Hydration Station Non-Refrigerated Manual Bottle Filler

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    Hydration Station Non-Refrigerated Manual Bottle Filler 

    We wanted to offer our customers a hydration solution which is modern, fun and encourages users to refill their bottles. We are proud to present you with The Hydration Station, a must-have for anywhere in need of a modern and environmentally-friendly hydration solution. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also highly functional and allows for easy and smooth refilling of bottles and cups. Plastic bottled water is becoming a thing of the past, with more and more businesses turning to the Hydration Station as a more sustainable solution. From universities to train stations, this is the ultimate solution to hydrate large volumes of people all day long. We also offer a bespoke option for businesses who wish to have the Hydration Station branded with their own design. Please get in touch regarding branding enquiries.

    BOTTLE FILLER: This Oasis bottle filler has the capability to rapidly refill bottles with large quantities of refreshing, non-chilled water making it highly suited to busy environments. It is the perfect alternative to purchasing bottled water and provides crisp, refreshing water in high volumes.

    MANUAL PUSH-BUTTON: It has a mechanically activated push button to dispense the water flow. The large-opening bottle filler allows large bottles to fit beneath and fill with ease. Simply push and hold the button and watch the water dispense quickly.

    FRESHIELD PROTECTED: The components contain Freshield, which provide the highest standards of cleanliness. Freshield utilises a silver-based antimicrobial compound that reduces the growth of micro-organisms and mildew to protect the surfaces from discolouration, odours and degradation. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, mould and mildew ensuring for optimal hygiene.

    Key Features
    • Heavy-duty cabinet designed for frequent use
    • Waterways are lead-free in materials and construction
    • Built-in 100 micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway
    • Built-in drain for waste water
    • Freshield protected for optimal hygiene
    • Built in panel locks for easy access to filtration
    • Bespoke branded option available (please contact us to enquire)
    • Can either connect to your mains water waste, or if no mains waste is available we can fit an internal waste system at an additional cost
    • Indoor installation only