Oasis PVAC Vandal-Resistant VersaCooler Wall Mounted Non-Refrigerated Drinking Fountain

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    Oasis PVAC Vandal-Resistant VersaCooler Wall Mounted Non-Refrigerated Drinking Fountain

    The PVAC is a vandal-resitant, heavy duty water fountain which supplies non-chilled drinking water. The Oasis PVAC is suited to all kinds of environments and can be installed at any height, making it the perfect fountain for children and disabled users. Popularly installed in schools due to its high capacity, reliability and wheelchair-friendly access. This classic wall-mounted fountain is built to last.

    DRINKING FOUNTAIN: The shallow basin is designed to eliminate splashing and standing water, ensuring for a smooth delivery of water. The bubbler valve has a flexible guard which is easy to dirnk from, and it has also been designed to be eco-friendly by reducing waste water by 50%.

    PUSH-BUTTON ACTIVATED: Water flow is activated via the vandal resistant push-button on the front of the basin.

    FRESHIELD PROTECTION: The components contain Freshield, which provide the highest standards of cleanliness. Freshield utilises a silver-based antimicrobial compound that reduces the growth of micro-organisms and mildew to protect the surfaces from discolouration, odours and degradation. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, mould and mildew ensuring for optimal hygiene.

    VANDAL RESISTANT: This unit is fully vandal-resistant to ensure it can withstand rigorous usage and vandalism. It contains a vandal resistant push-button, fasteners and bubbler guard.

    Key Features
    • Non-chilled water
    • Vandal resistant
    • No electricity required
    • Waterways are lead-free in materials and construction
    • Built-in 100 micron strainer stops particles before they enter the waterway
    • Built-in drain for waste water
    • Freshield protected for optimal hygiene
    • Vandal-resistant button to activate fountain water flow
    • Heavy-duty galvanised steel frame bolts to the wall
    • Cabinet finish is brushed stainless steel, durable and hard-wearing
    • Cabinet has a smooth front underside without any sharp corners or exposed fastenings
    • One piece stainless steel top is easy to keep clean
    • Bubbler operates between 20 and 100 PSI pressure
    • Flexible Bubbler Guard
    • Can be installed at either adult height or child height
    • Manufacturers Mounting Height (guide): Lowest point of fountain cabinet to be 337 mm above floor level