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    If you’d like to rent your water cooler we provide a flexible hassle-free solution for you. Rent this water cooler for just £2 per week.
    Give your home or office a touch of style with this state-of-the-art water cooler dispenser from Hydrate Direct.
    Stylish and slimline, this water cooler combines the best in British manufacturing and Italian design, and looks great in any environment.
    The Future Water Cooler has an extra-large PET reservoir, which can dispense up to 12 consecutive cups of cold water. Peace of mind that during busy periods this cooler can dispense consecutive cold water.
    This water cooler also has an integrated cup dispenser.
    100% sanitisation for your water cooler every time: unlike traditional water cooler sanitisation, which requires time consuming processes that don't always result in a fully cleaned and disinfected watercooler.
    Our patented WaterTrail™ cassette can be easily changed, even by a child, in less than 60 seconds.